Arri ALEXA Mini

The Arri ALEXA Mini is lightweight and versatile camera making it a great choice for shoulder rigging and a breeze for gimbal work.

  • The ALEXA Mini offers fantastic image quality that precisely matches the full-size Arri ALEXA.
  • ARRIRAW is built-in.  Also, the ALEXA Mini can shoot all flavors of ProRes up to 4444 XQ internally with resolutions ranging from S16 HD to 4K UHD.
  • With the 4:3 sensor, you can internally de-squeeze anamorphic images, send de-squeezed images to the EVF as well as output de-squeezed images via HD-SDI.
  • Fantastic ARRI build quality ensure the ALEXA Mini is always ready when you are, no matter the shoot.

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