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Hillsboro Oregon is a premier destination for holding events and meetings. It is a city filled with parks and nature, featuring miles and miles of walking trails and green spaces. Not only that, but Hillsboro offers cuisine from all corners of the globe, from Thai to Latin American, and everything in between. With all of these features, and the potential for amazing shopping experiences, Hillsboro is a place you want your guests to stay.

That said, when it comes to an event, conference, or meeting, you absolutely need quality AV and production equipment. Picture This has serviced meetings and events for large companies and organizations such as Pacific Office Automation, Nike, and Laika Studios. If you need the absolute best service for AV rentals and production equipment, then look no further than Picture This. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

Our Past
Picture This has been in business since 1984. Its founders included the current President and CEO, Perry Loveridge. Not only is he an executive, but Perry is also the primary event consultant, producer, director of photography, and strategist. The current COO/CMO is Sari Loveridge, who joined the company in 1990. At the time, Sari came on board as Marketing Director and Production Coordinator. Picture This has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the years, which means it has had to relocate 5 times, and add facilities. As of right now, Picture This has three facilities in and around Portland. The main building of Picture This boasts 3000 square feet of sound and production space. Across the street is where the company houses its rental video production equipment, along with a space for post-production work. The third facility is a large 5000 square foot complex that is used for office space and for storing live event production equipment.

What Picture This Believes
At Picture This we believe that the customer is always the main focus. It’s what keeps customers coming back again and again. Whether providing equipment for a small presentation, or for a large outdoor show, great customer service is the focus of everything we do. Picture This is never satisfied until the customer is.

Our Vision
Picture This has worked hard to build a rock solid reputation in the AV rental and production services industry. That means not just providing high-quality production equipment, but also providing impeccable customer service. Our facilities are always clean and well-organized, in particular the spaces that are for rental. Our belief is that all of our facilities should be treated like a hotel. Our clients should always feel comfortable in a clean and safe environment.

The Industry
There were no other Production Services companies in Oregon and possibly the Pacific Northwest when Picture This started out. We filled a specific niche that was not being filled by anyone else. That niche was providing top-quality equipment, crew, rentals, an event services. Most production companies aim to have a small number of large clients. Picture This, however, went at things a little differently. We wanted to be diverse and flexible. Not only could we have those big clients, but we also focused on hiring the best crew staff and providing the highest quality professional equipment. Since we started, many others have entered the industry trying to mimic our success, but many have failed. We simply have the best staff and the best inventory, bar none.

Logistics and Crewing for Hillsboro Oregon
At Picture This, we understand that we are only as good as the team we assemble. That is why everyone who we hire is fully vetted and meets the incredible standards we place on ourselves. If you need a crew for an event, we will find the people with the best expertise, and we will make sure that you have all the equipment you need. Not only that, but we will take care of any state or federal payroll services as well. We can provide crew to travel all over the country and the world. Our clients trust us, and know that if they hire through us, they are getting only the best. That is why they will not work with anyone else.

Some of our most high-profile clients include broadcasters such as History Channel, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, RAW TV, TLC, MTV Networks, and Fujisankei Communications. We also work with corporations such as Nike, Palau Association, Adidas, FLIR, Columbia Sportswear, and many more. Before Picture This, Oregon did not have a service provider that could handle coordinating, crewing, providing equipment, and production work for Electronic Press Kit (EPK), Electronic Field Production (EFP), and Behind the Scenes (BTS). These all need dedicated experts as directors of photography and audio engineers. They may also require makeup services and assistants. For these types of productions, we can provide top-quality cameras with state of the art lenses, lighting, and audio equipment. If the production is particularly large, we have grip vans and trucks for use as well.

Hillsboro Production Equipment Rentals
The rental division of our business has provided state of the art audio and visual equipment for more than 30 years. We provide it to local producers, but also for productions around the globe. We make sure that our scheduling is always tight so that we can send equipment to where it needs to go at a moment’s notice. There is nobody bigger in Oregon.

A big part of our rental services is cameras, and we have only the best cameras in the industry. In fact, Picture This was renting high-definition cameras before anyone else in Oregon. At the time, we listened to our clients and made sure that they had access to the best cameras for their productions.

Currently, the cameras that we rent most often are the ARRI Alexa Mini, Sony PXW-FS7 M2, Panasonic AK-HC3800, and the Sony HXR-NX5r, among others. We also have a wide range of available lenses, such as the Canon HJ40X10B Wide Angle Lens, the Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm Zoom Lens, and the Canon CNE Primes Series. We always talk to our clients to fully understand their needs so that we can make the best recommendation for cameras and lenses to get the results they want. Not only that, but we coordinate and prepare the equipment, and provide monitors, tripods, and other accessories as needed.

Right now, being on the cutting edge means that we are providing a Fiber Optic Multi-Camera Switch System before anyone else. We have Sony Panasonic AK-HC3800 cameras and the production engineers who can get the most out of the equipment. If it’s a growing trend in the industry, you can bet that we will be the first to make it available in Oregon to our clients.

Hillsboro Live Event Services
As part of its original business service, Picture This was providing live event services back at its inception in 1984. We have provided services to some of the most successful shows in Oregon because we have the best equipment and the best staff to run it. Any event we work with will have all the crew and equipment they need, from technicians to lighting designers, stagehands to prompters, and everything in between.

Video wall systems are a major trend for live events, and Picture This was the first to offer HD LED video wall systems in Oregon. You can rent the equipment and install it yourself, or have our experts make sure that everything is running perfectly for your event. This would include crew for during the event, and content production as well if needed. We can also provide streaming services so that your event can reach an even wider audience. Since Picture This was the first to offer all of these services in Oregon, you can rest assured that whatever you need to make your live event a success, we can provide it for you.

Our rates are always reasonable, and we even provide a special rate for non-profit organizations and charities. Because of the central location of our live event facility, Picture This is never hard to find or to get to. Stop by and talk to us about your needs and your budget. We will make sure that you get the most bang for your buck and take your event to a whole new level.

Hillsboro Sound Stage Rentals
There is no better place in Hillsboro or the surrounding area for renting sound stage services. We offer a clean and professional facilities, along with amazing and friendly staff that are focused on providing you with excellent customer service at all times.

Stage A is a 3000 square foot sound stage that is unlike any you will find in Hillsboro or Portland. It features a 40’ by 50’ cove corner hard cyc wall, as well as a full lighting grid. We have a loading area to accommodate a 5-ton truck for any equipment or props, and a dimming system run through a tablet. We have anything you need to shoot a fantastic production, including backdrops, drapes, and even a green screen. Craft services can be provided on site, along with makeup rooms, change rooms, showers, and WiFi for streaming. Our equipment rental facility is right across the street, so if there is anything you need for your production, it is never far away. On site, we have a full assortment of lighting equipment and camera equipment. For stage lighting, we have a Fisher 10 Dolly with Filmair track, ARRI Sky Panels, LED Lighting, HMI lights, Tungsten lights, and distro packages.

If you are looking for a space to host screen tests, auditions, and product shots, then Stage B is the perfect place. It features a grid with 3 space lights and a 25’X25’ covered CYC wall. It also has a load-in door, along with office space and a bathroom. No matter what, we can provide all of your studio needs right on site.

Post Production Services Near Hillsboro, Oregon
Editing and post production are vital aspects to any successful production. That is why we pride ourselves on having editors and equipment to help you get the most out of your recordings. Picture This offers a relaxed and comfortable environment that will help get your creative juices flowing, along with some services that you won’t find at the competition. These include editorial services, color grading, Blu-Ray authoring, duplication, and multiple format station deliveries. We also have the latest and best software so that there is nothing you won’t be able to do, whether it’s editing or special effects.

For 35 years, our goal has been to provide the absolute best in AV rentals and production services. Whether its providing coordination or operating or equipment for a shoot in Hillsboro, or providing space for your next shoot, we have what you need.

If you would like to speak to one of our friendly staff for Event Services, AV Equipment Rentals or Video Production Services please call 503-235-3456

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Other services include:

PowerPoint, keynote and graphics development, onsite editing, show openers, videos and reprise content from our footage to yours, creative and experienced directors, systems engineers and designers, staging design with 3D CAD pre-visualization, Intelligent lighting systems, multiple cameras switched live, multi-format recording and IMAG, video walls, speech prompting, live, delayed or on-demand webcasting, talent and stage management, breakout session and overflow support staging, scenics, softgoods, pipe and drape, rigging and carpentry and much more.

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