VFX Services and VFX Studios in Portland

Picture This Offers VFX Services and VFX Studios in Portland!
Our advanced technology has brought us to the forefront of In-Camera VFX Volume and XR production in Portland. Our VFX studio production was the first in Oregon and it took months of diligent research and testing while making sure we chose both the right hardware and software. Because of this unfortunate pandemic we realized this VFX Volume technology would be the perfect solution for large sets and scenery indoor, outdoor, locally, or anywhere in the world. This cutting edge tech uses large-scale LED walls and camera tracking tied to 3D rendering software to create the illusion of a subject in a virtual environment.  Due to COVID-19 ravel has been difficult for productions, so now we can bring these far-off and imaginary locations and scenes to controlled environments. Need a VR background for your next live stream/Zoom meeting? We can help. Our streaming studios are now wired with fiber internet in symmetrical speeds so streaming is stress-free. VR services and or In-camera VFX services is the way of the future and the best way to bring people together in a visually exciting yet safe environment.  Need professional crew? We provide show directors, creative designers, technical directors, audio engineers, shading/video engineering, playback, PowerPoint, teleprompter techs, stage managers, camera crew, production coordinators, certified COVID safety officers and set medics. If you need a safe and quiet location we offer large and small fully equipped sound stages using high quality LED or green screen backgrounds. Picture This will continue to research and develop cutting edge VFX services so you can have the best virtual experience possible. Many happy clients have joined us in the ultimate VR experience. For more information about our VFX services please give us call! Check out some of our In-camera VFX work samples: