MōVl Pro, Sigma Lenses, Cool-Lux and More!!!

Some amazing and highly anticipated gear has entered the rental inventory at Picture This! The long awaited MōVl Pro has arrived and it’s a game changer. Definitely one of the most advanced camera movement systems available. Long story short: if you’re looking for a MōVI Pro rental in Portland we’ve got you covered!

Movi Pro Hero Web

Have you tried the Sigma Cine Zoom Lenses? They’re amazing! We’ve added the 18-35mm T2 and the 50-100mm T2 glass to our broad lens inventory. High speed, well crafted and affordable. Picture This is definitely a go-to place for lens rentals in Portland.

Sigma Cine Lenses Hero

Looking for the best battery powered compact field/on-camera monitor? The new Panasonic 9” LCD HDMI Field Monitor is small yet mighty with amazing features including waveform and vector scope for exposure assist. Not to mention it’s built like a tank! We have a large inventory of different video production monitors for rent in Portland to fit any production

Panasonic BT-LH910GJ Web Hero

Our new Cool-Lux SHIFT baseplate will save you so much time when SHIFTing from your tripod to shoulder shooting modes with extra chest support for stabilization. Picture This is the preferred destination for stabilization system rentals in Portland.

Cool Lux Cool Rig Web Hero

Lots of cool gear is here folks! And as always be sure to swing by any time to check it all out!

HD LED Video Wall

Portland’s Finest Video Wall Display Service

Picture This is the complete indoor & outdoor video wall display service offering highly trained and professional engineers, technicians and content managers. We don’t just rent superior video panels, we service, design and assist you from concept to take away.

Designed for live events, entertainment and trade show applications these video panels have three to four times the brightness of a 20K projector! Our panels offer super high resolution and look great from any angle, even side viewing. These panels can be truss or floor mounted, straight or curved and scaleable to any size and are able to mount within 3 feet of any wall for tight spaces and FP. High resolution LED panels will create an impressive video display that won’t wash out under direct light or sunshine.

Indoor Panel Specifications:

We offer super slim and compact panels 480mm X 480mm X 80mm(depth), and are just 18 pounds.

Seamless assembling: using a die-cast aluminum frame to make sure there is no gap between panels. High refresh rate 2000HZ, no lines using digital cameras.

Amazing contrast using black LED lamps the provide that highest contrast ratio. Accepts all major signal types including DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI and YUV.
Easy assembly for straight or curved LED video wall displays.

Outdoor Panel Specifications:

Ultra-high resolution
High quality black body LED lights and black mask for a contrast ratio of up to 3000: 1 Great panel design for easy maintenance and reconfiguration.
Accepts all major signal types including DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI and YUV.
Innovative waterproof design for indoor and outdoor LED video wall display.

Click here for photos

Click here for video wall configurations

We offer more experience, superior service and better price points. For a consultation and pricing please give us a call 503-235-3456


Decimator Design’s MC-Quad: The Director’s Best Friend

Multicam shoots can be difficult. Directing four cameras can be downright strenuous. Having a monitor for each camera is cumbersome, expensive and simply a pain in the neck.

That’s where Decimator Design’s MD-Quad comes in.

The MD-Quad is a very helpful tool for directors and ACs alike. You can feed the MD-Quad up to four 3G/HD/SDI signals and output to a single HDMI or SDI monitor in full 4:4:4, creating an easy to use multi-view screen. No more monitor trees or heavy splitters, just a little red box slightly larger than a deck of cards.

Now available for rent at Picture This.

Decimator Design MD-Quad

Decimator Design MD-Quad In Action

How the Sony PVMA-170 17″ is Putting an End to Monitor Compromises

Production monitors often have compromises. Wether it be huge bulk, lack of certain inputs or an almost 1080p image. The list is staggering. The Sony PVMA-170 17 changes this notion as it’s the monitor that truly “gets it right.”

Firstly, the Sony PVMA-170 is OLED, which means it can offer a native resolution of 1080p with deep and inky “true blacks”. It’s built-in LUTs offer a client-friendly image that is truly stunning and it’s waveform monitors are ready for on-the-go calibration. On top of all this it has both HDMI and SDI inputs so it’ll work with almost anything.

Swing by Picture This and see this monitor in the flesh. The picture quality is truly breathtaking. You’ll instantly see why this is the most popular production monitor on the market.


The Awesome Sound Devices PIX 240 Video Recorder

Have you been looking for a reliable 4:2:2 recorder?  Maybe one that doesn’t overheat and has both SDI and HDMI in and out as well as 8 channels of AES audio?  That would be cool but what if it had a built in monitor and timecode in and out?  Well look no further then the Sound Devices PIX 240 Video Recorder.  The PIX 240 is the first video recorder produced by Sound Devices, known around the world for there high quality field audio mixers and recorders.  The same great quality and engineering shines through with the PIX 240.

This recorder takes an SDI or HDMI stream from your camera and records direct to edit Apple ProRes 422 and Avid DNxHD files onto a solid state drive or CF card.  The recorder sets itself apart from the competition with a built in monitor and easy intuitive user interface.  What really sets it apart is the PIX Caddy. austin cloud  The PIX Caddy holds the SSD and docks directly into the PIX 240 plus it has firewire 800, USB 3, and eSATAp connections all of witch are bus powered.  When your done shooting just plug the caddy into your computer transfer the files off of the SSD onto to your computer and let the editing begin.
The Sound Devices PIX 240 has set a new standard for digital video recorders.  You can get more info on the PIX 240 here.
SOUND DEVICES PIX240 01-495x329