Sliders, Sliders and More Sliders!

At Picture This we offer a wide variety of sliders. In this post we’re going to delve into all of them to help you choose the correct slider for your next job.

Versatile & Mobile: MYT Works Sliders

The MYT Works slider is a great solution for a wide variety of jobs.  Built by hand in New York state the MYT Works Glide 5″ Slider is CNC machined from high-grade aluminum and stainless steel to create a highly robust slider system available in 3 and 5 foot lengths. Their superior strength lightweight aluminum/steel mix means that travel is a synch while they remain study platforms for single axis moves with lightweight cameras and DSLRs. For the smoothest moves with smaller cameras look no further. The MYT Works Sliders produce zero binding on the move and can mount on either a tripod or baby stands.  Payload weights up to 25 lbs. on the 3 foot length and 80 lbs. on the larger 5 foot.


Way of the Future: Cineped Slider 

Behold the 42 inch Cineped. This exquisitely machined, ultra heavy duty sliding system looks and feels like it was made by Panavison. Designed by a veteran DP,  the Cineped brings a new axis of motion to slider technology. With traditional back and forth on it’s single linear axis the Cineped also combines a super smooth rotating 360 degrees around the center axis. This allows for amazingly diverse compound moves, slides, chases and rotations. The only limit is your creativity. The Cineped also comes with the new Quatrro 4 leg system with a maximum height of 56 inches or an uber low height of 3.5 inches, effectively providing you with regular sticks, baby legs and high hat all in one package! Not only that but  tese legs will level to any surface, have a water drain and feature a Mitchell base mount for heavy payloads! Up to 250 lbs.!!! Awesome, fast and strong!


Oldie but Goldie: Skateboard Slider

For the past 10 years we have rented out our skateboard slider with super smooth wheels on pipe dollies for a variety of cheats, micro dolly moves and  both over and underslung tracking moves. The skateboard dolly requires  low boy combo (or Junior Combos for underslung) stands to mount and provides an excellent camera platform for adding single axis dynamic motion to any shot.  Steel pipe allows for payload weights up to 70 lbs. while aluminum slider bars offer slightly less. Available in 6-12 foot lengths at Picture This.

Skateboard Slider