Panasonic HS400A HD Video Switcher


Building on the success of its predecessor (AV-HS400), the enhanced AV-HS400A offers an array of powerful features including a built-in MultiViewer image preview, full 10-bit HD processing, expandable HD/SD architecture, more than 40 digital effects and picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities.

The HS400A adds a host of new functionality, including enhanced MultiViewer tools such as labeling, border control and preview tally, and a joystick camera control for pan/tilt operation of one remote camera via direct serial connection, or up to five remote cameras with a Panasonic camera controller. The HS400A also incorporates additional advanced key effects such as flying key, 3D key effects, and a full key for a second moveable PIP. It also offers upgraded graphics functions including file import via Ethernet, alpha channel support and more.

The HS400A’s built-in MultiViewer can output 4, 8, or 10 images from different sources to a single high-resolution display, eliminating the need for multiple HD source and preview monitors. New Multiviewer features include custom and menu selection of window labels, and enhanced control of labels, borders, and label background. For added creativity, the switcher offers a wide selection of wipe patterns including 3D digital effects (such as Page Turn), and features a high-quality chroma key for green screen applications in broadcast and production.

As a compact, all-in-one mixer system, the HS400A easily integrates into existing HD/SD workflows, flawlessly mixing HD and SD video sources using a wide range of optional I/O boards. Its modular architecture comes standard with four HD/SD-SDI inputs and four HD/SDI outputs and can be expanded to support up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs with optional I/O boards. The switcher has a built-in, switchable 10-bit frame synchronizer for each input, for glitch-free switching, even with non-synchronous sources such as Blu-Ray DVD players or remote camera feeds.

New option cards for the HS400A include the AV-HS04M7 dual HD/SD-SDI output card with high-quality down-conversion for simultaneous outputting of high-definition video for HD IMAG and Standard-definition video for webcasting or recording. The AV-HS04M6 dual analog composite input card is ideal for use with legacy equipment.


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