Best Wireless Solution: Boxx Meridian

The Boxx Meridian is the perfect wireless broadcast system. Offering zero delay, uncompressed HD and SD live transmission, the Meridian is a essential tool for on-the-go wireless transmission. No more cumbersome cables and over-sized transmitters.

Box Meridian Back

Key features of the Boxx Meridian include:

  • Zero frame delay
  • Extremely high quality 4:2:2 video
  • HDSDI, SDI, component, composite video input
  • 5.1-5.9GHz license exempt band
  • Secure and encrypted transmission
  • Removable antennas with optional ability to use paddles for increased range
  • The ability to switch between Anton Bauer and V-Lock plate battery

We did some field testing with our Boxx Meridian and found that the standard “rubber ducky” antennas offered zero delay and uncompressed streaming up to 75 feet. With the optional paddles the range of streaming was tripled to slightly over 250 feet!

The Boxx Meridian is clearly the right choice for wireless broadcast transmission.

Box Meridian Front